3rd Annual Redemptive Cycles Community Dinner

On the evening of June 1st we hope you will join us at the Avon Theater for our annual Community Dinner - an evening spent celebrating another successful year, and giving thanks to the many volunteers, donors, and grantors who support and sustain Redemptive Cycles.

We'll have beer for all attendees (2 drink tickets included in your ticket!) small bites, socialized with some of the loveliest folks around, and a silent auction with incredible items from B'ham based businesses, makers, and venues. 100% of the proceeds from the silent auction will directly benefit our organization and the charitable services that we offer. Silent auction items can be found online (new items are being added as we receive them!). The auction will go live on May 25th at 12:00PM but will end at the Community Dinner in a silent auction format.

Tickets are $10 and are available online and in the shop prior to the event. Tickets will be $15 at the door on the night of the event. Please purchase online or in the shop prior to June 1st.

New Year's Goal: regular blog posts from RC!

Like many of you the new year has everyone at Redemptive Cycles reflecting on how we can do better. We've been organizing, stream lining, and refining our operations to make everything run more smoothly, but most of all we are striving to ensure that we can continue to further bicycle accessibility here in Birmingham. 

On that note we are proud to say that 2016 was by far our most charitable year to date: the Earn-A-Bike program saw a whopping 102 participants complete the program (compared to 40 in 2015). That means 102 men and women performed 12 hours of community service, and in exchange received a bicycle, a bike lock, a helmet, and a pair of lights. Thanks to the support of all of you we were able to help over one hundred individuals who were transportationally challenged acquire the means to simply get where they need to go.

As amazing as the Earn-A-Bike program is, it often overshadows an equally important part of what we do. Many members of our community are bicycle dependent, which means without a bike they are virtually stranded, or forced to buy bus passes, and if they can't afford that they must walk miles and miles every day. That's why we created the Sliding Scale Repairs program to keep them rolling. At RC we like to "fix bikes, ask questions later." With that attitude guiding us we performed an incredible 532 heavily discounted (often times free) repairs totaling $21,343 in charitable repair work.

We feel that the Earn-A-Bike and Sliding Scale Repairs programs are a vital resource to the Birmingham community, and we will do everything in our power to ensure they are sustained and continue to grow. We also believe that a community bike shop that is welcoming and beginner friendly, affordable (both when purchasing a bike or having a bicycle serviced), that is focused on education through providing access to a public work station and frequent mechanics classes, and generally advances bicycle advocacy and accessibility is an essential part of the Birmingham community, and it would appear that you agree, because 2016 (our 3rd year in existence) was by far our busiest year yet! So keep up all the support, and here's to 2017 being even better than last!


Community, Cycles, and Redemptive

Hey guys, 

A lot has happened here at Redemptive Cycles this past year. Thanks to you and the rest of Birmingham, we have experienced tremendous growth. Our Earn-A-Bike program has become a huge success this year. With the hard work of our volunteers and mechanics, we have been able to double the number of bikes that have been earned. Not only has our EAB program done extremely well but we have also been able to hire on another mechanic as well as increase our bike distribution and sales. Our weekly trample is still going strong and has continued to go on rain or shine with an increase in the number of riders each week. 

Our main goal is to bring the community together through cycling and we hope that we can keep doing this for years to come. Tune in the coming weeks for more about our programs, events, and fun bike stuff. 

Ride on Bham, 



Don't miss the first annaul CycleFest! This event is a celebration meant to bring the entire Birmingham cycling community together. Why are we doing this? We want to bring attention to how huge cycling has grown in this city, and to do it we are bringing together every bicycle shop, non profit, and advocacy group in Birmingham!

CycleFest will feature almost every bicycle organization in town, live bands and DJs, stationary bike races and other cycling competitions, best bike in show, prize raffles, not to mention awesome Trim Tab beer and food trucks.

Starting at 7pm the feature event of the evening will be the third annual Tall Bike Joust! Come watch as 16 competitors battle for the trophy and the glory, attempting to knock each other off tall bikes!

Don't worry about missing the football games, Trim Tab will be showing them on the projector screen, and be sure to stick around after the joust because there's going to be a DJ and dance party to close out the night!

Tickets are $10 and include entry to a prize raffle, and can be purchased at Redemptive Cycles, Cahaba Cycles, or online at

Bike Valet at Trucks by the Tracks this Sunday

Earlier this summer we were asked to valet for Sloss Fest, and that was the first of many future bicycle valets for Redemptive Cycles! We have since valeted for Side Walk Film Festival, and this coming Sunday, 9/19, we are valeting for Trucks by the Tracks at Railroad Park!

This awesome festival features all your favorite food trucks and carts, not to mention live music through out the day, and giant lawn games!  Entry is just $5 and includes complimentary bike valet! So avoid the parking nightmare and ride down and see us and the whole community as we celebrate this awesome place called Railroad Park. It's their only annual fundraiser and it should be an awesome time!

Pledge Redemptive Fundraiser

To all of our supporters, the Redemptive Cycles family:

As many of you know we had our annual benefit dinner two weeks ago at Trim Tab Brewing Co. The turnout was amazing, with twice as many people coming as expected. The room was packed elbow to elbow, hot from no A/C, and full of magic. The response to the presentation given that night was wonderful. It seemed that everyone felt inspired by the humble beginnings of RC and how far it has come, and we were so stoked to feel so much love from everyone, but there was one thing about the event that was not so successful.

Of the 200+ people that were there, only FOUR pledge forms were filled out. This was absolutely heartbreaking. Ticket sales themselves only helped us cover the cost of the event. We intentionally set the ticket prices (which included two beers and a buffet) at the cheapest price we could afford, to make it easier for people to pledge. We know it was hot and crowded in there, and everyone was having such a good time visiting with each other that most of you forgot or didn’t realize the importance of the pledge. That’s okay, we love you all, but now we need all of you to pitch in and pledge what you can!

If we don’t raise this money this year the shop will suffer greatly. We are only asking our community to help cover the last 25% of our operating expenses which is $50,000 annually - we already give a lot more than that throughout the year through our charitable services. Now is the time we need everyone to show their support by pledging as much as they can each month. Even just $20 a month helps. We need the pledge number total to hit $4000 per month for us to be good, and if we can get even 150 of you to sign up I’m sure we can hit that.

So please take the time to follow this link to our pledge page and sign up to give monthly. We depend on you all to keep RC going. Once you’ve pledged, please share the link with others! Redemptive Cycles, Birmingham’s Non Profit Bike shop, ran BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE! Please Help!