Chutes & Ladders Alley Cat

We're pumped to announce our first ever Alley Cat Race!! 

If you’re unfamiliar with an Alley Cat race you definitely don’t want to miss this. Alley Cat races are an informal affair, and though some will be competing, it’s not all about who’s the fastest. Knowledge of the streets of our City of Magic will come in handy.

The theme will be based on the Chutes and Ladders board game so be prepared, there will be some climbing involved. There will be five check points located at various high places around town, and prior to the race no one but the race organizers will know the route which will total around 6 miles. Registration is at 6:00pm // Race starts at 6:30pm

There will be an after party in the back alley so if you're racing or not, you still want to come for this!