Come Work on Your Bike for Free at Our New Public Work Statation

It’s been amazing to watch people become inspired by our mission at Redemptive Cycles. Our community of customers, friends and volunteers has grown very quickly and we recently decided to expand our work area. With the help of our many volunteers, over the weekend we built a second floor above the workshop, greatly expanding our work space. We would love for you to come check it out and hang with us upstairs!

But we are not only a business: we are people who truly care for those who walk in our door, either to buy a bike or simply to share a conversation and maybe a ride. As a nonprofit our biggest focus is on the community and helping to grow Birmingham’s bike culture. That’s why we are now offering a free to use public work station – a bike stand with all the tools for anyone to come and use during normal business hours.

Normally nonprofits will wait until the funds are raised to complete community service projects, but we just couldn’t wait! We created this full time public work space to give everyone in Birmingham a place to work on their bike totally free of charge. To do this we tapped into our own credit line. If you or anyone you know can donate to help pay off our debt please let us know.