One Year on a Bike

Hard to believe it’s already been a year since Redemptive Cycles moved to our current location in downtown Birmingham. Despite our inauspicious beginnings in a warehouse with a pile of junk bikes, we are actually beginning to thrive as Birmingham’s only non-profit bike shop. Our mission of helping the underserved members of our community gain access to a reliable form of transportation really seems to resonate with people, and we are happy to say that as a local business people are eager to support us.

That’s not to say things have been easy. As with any small business start-up there are going to be many unexpected difficulties along the way, and as a bike shop it was certainly a long slow winter. However, the spring and summer have been good to us, and we are beginning to come into our own as a business. The warm weather has brought in many people either looking to buy a solid bike at a reasonable price, or to bring in an old bike that needs to be fixed up. And though there are naysayers, Birmingham’s bike scene is really beginning to grow. Even with no semblance of a biking infrastructure people really just want to get out and ride, and Redemptive Cycles is keen on helping to grow the bike culture and helping people realize the viability of biking in Birmingham.

Our favorite way to promote riding in the Magic City is with our Thursday night group rides. The Downtown Trample is a blast, the rides have gotten big, and we expect them to become huge. It is a very chill group more about community than riding hard and fast, and it’s a great introduction to city riding. Through our rides and mission a community of friends and volunteers has grown up around the shop, helping make the dream of Redemptive Cycles a reality.

We would not be where we are today without our volunteers – the RC Family. As a new non-profit we have relied heavily on the help provided by our volunteers to keep the business running. Their belief and love of the shop have truly been a blessing and it has been a wonderful first year. We greatly appreciate all the support we’ve received and continue to receive and look forward to continuing to grow with Birmingham.