Come see the remodeled Redemptive Cycles

Redemptive Cycles never stops looking for ways to integrate with the Birmingham community; through Earn-a-Bike, sliding scale and free repairs, monthly mechanics classes, and the addition of the public workstation, we are always focused on how to best serve the cycling community and how to expand our impact.

To achieve our goal of community integration we have completely rearranged the shop. The remodeled space now more fully reflects what we hope to achieve with Redemptive Cycles. The whole back of the shop has been opened up to make room for the public work station, so now you can work right next to RC mechanics and rummage through all our used parts. We even put out some frames so you can find your next bike project.

Check out the new shop soon! Come to our mechanics classes, use the public work station, and maybe find a used part and install it yourself. We're excited about all the potential for our redesigned shop, so come out and help us make Redemptive Cycles the community hub for cyclists.