One Year Trample Anniversary!

2014-06-12 19.35.26-1.jpg

Thursday, April 2nd marked one year since we first started the Downtown Trample group bicycle rides. We have Trampled every Thursday for an entire year...53 Tramples have come and gone and we have no urge to stop now!

When we first started this thing we had maybe 10 riders in all, but each week through word of mouth the rides got bigger and bigger, and by Summer 70+ people would go ride together every Thursday evening. Thursday became a holiday that came once a week, and together on bikes we would celebrate.

Possibly the most amazing thing about the Trample is the wide array of people who are brought together week after week for one reason: the shared love of riding bikes. Many great friendships and wonderful moments were created and shared thanks to this simple commonality. 

Though the rides continued through the winter, most riders took a needed winter rest, and the Trample lost some of it's magic. Some lamented this loss, and longed for sweet summer time, but like the changing of the seasons the Trample's return was inevitable, and after last night there isn't a doubt in anyone's mind that the Trample is back!

More than 50 riders showed up to the one year Trample anniversary: the energy was palpable, and the party didn't stop when the ride did.  

Just in acknowlegment of the awesomeness that is the Trample and the fact that we've been doing it for a year now, we want to celebrate with everyone who came and rode with us and made the Trample into a weekly bike party.

On April 16th we are holding our First Trample Anniversary Party, so come ride, eat, drink, and dance with us, starting at 6PM in the back alley. See you then!