Bike Share comes to Birmingham!

With the return of spring we once again spring into the saddle, but this spring you can bet many people will be saddling up for the first time. Birmingham is experiencing it's own little bike boom of late, and cyclists are beginning to gain momentum, not to mention the attention of City Hall.

Thanks to the hard work of our very own board president, Lindsey West, and the good folks of RPCBG and REV, Birmingham will soon have it's very own Bike Share Program. If you see Lindsey be sure to thank her; Bike Share is a huge step for moving cycling to the forefront of people's minds, which is key if Birmingham is to implement some much needed infrastructure and make alternative forms of transporation viable.

So get out there and spread the word: cycling is not only an important facet of Birmingham's growth, it's also just plain fun, not to mention economical, environmentally friendly, and healthy!