Community, Cycles, and Redemptive

Hey guys, 

A lot has happened here at Redemptive Cycles this past year. Thanks to you and the rest of Birmingham, we have experienced tremendous growth. Our Earn-A-Bike program has become a huge success this year. With the hard work of our volunteers and mechanics, we have been able to double the number of bikes that have been earned. Not only has our EAB program done extremely well but we have also been able to hire on another mechanic as well as increase our bike distribution and sales. Our weekly trample is still going strong and has continued to go on rain or shine with an increase in the number of riders each week. 

Our main goal is to bring the community together through cycling and we hope that we can keep doing this for years to come. Tune in the coming weeks for more about our programs, events, and fun bike stuff. 

Ride on Bham,