Redemptive Cycles Remodeling


If you stop by the shop this week you will be struck by the almost radically different appearance of our shop space. The first thing you will notice are the empty white walls that used to be lined with skateboards and vans skate shoes.

After two years of sharing our space, the good folks at Faith Skate Supply have found a new home, and Redemptive Cycles has just acquired a sizable amount of new square footage. While we will miss our four-wheeled friends, we couldn't be more excited about utilizing all the new space we have on our hands. Operations will continue without a hitch, but expect to see our layout undergoing some significant changes in the coming weeks. 

Most significant is that we are moving the public work station right out front. We feel this new arrangement will be more accessible, functional, and visible to the community, while also providing RC employees and volunteers more space and functionality in the back work-shop area. 

Above all we believe the addition of all this new space will make Redemptive Cycles an even more inclusive community space, one that will allow us to continue to improve and grow our charitable services so we can better serve Birmingham via the bicycle. So come check out the new public workstation, and "pardon our progress" as we renovate and remodel the bike shop.