The Josh Way

Again and again Redemptive has been blessed by incredibly selfless and giving individuals who we can’t imagine running the shop with out. Deciding to spend a summer of service between his freshman and sophomore years at Auburn, and just in time to meet the summer swell, Joshua Johnston showed up and started working as a full time volunteer.

Since its inception, Redemptive Cycles has been largely volunteer run, and though our staff has grown through the years to meet the growth of our operations, we remain reliant on the willingness of others to help without remuneration simply because they believe in and want to help further our mission.

Josh’s earnestness and hard work have been astounding, and it took less than a week for him to become largely self-reliant and mechanically sufficient. While our paid mechanics stay busy with customer repairs and fixing up bikes for the Earn-A-Bike program, Josh has been a boon for keeping up with the steady flow of walk-ins, many of whom need immediate service as their bicycle is the only form of transportation they have access to.

With a ready smile and unfailing work ethic, we are so lucky that Josh has chosen to volunteer with us. He has made our busy season much more manageable, and like Saint Paulo, Uncle Mark, Madeleine Melville, Nic Farley, and JP before him, Josh quickly established himself as someone who will go down in Redemptive Cycles history as a legend.