We created Redemptive Cycles to forge an open community in the heart of Birmingham. We want the shop to be a place where anyone can come in and feel welcome and where we can educate others while helping with whatever bicycle issue they might have. Through these means we are intentional in establishing meaningful relationships and being a positive influence in the downtown community.

Redemptive Cycles' original mission was to reach out to the residents in the different missions around town and guys off the streets and help them get bikes, or repair one they might already have. We recognized the massive impact a bicycle can have in someones life and we desired to have this be our main outlet.

At Redemptive Cycles we offer:

If you are a resident of any one of the different Missions around town such as Jimmie Hale, Brother Bryan, Fellowship house, etc. Or if you are a Poor College Student

  • We offer 10% on everything in store all the time to those in need, or those who's only form of transportation is their bike.
  • Sliding scale repairs that can be up to 75% off or free labor.
  • Earn-a-bike program (Where individuals can work in shop to earn a bike for free!) See below for details!


To the general public we offer:

  • Full out bike shop with a wide selection of used bikes, SS and Fixed gears from State, urban bikes from Origin8, and parts and accessories. Not to mention used parts to save you money!
  • Weekly Educational classes (These classes are currently canceled until early Spring, 2016, due to lack of demand)
  • Weekly rides (Currently every Thursday night from the Shop at 6pm, rain or shine)
  • Crazy Bicycle Events! Like our Annual Tall bike jousting competition!
  • Free public work station in our shop for you to work on your bike! (open any time we are)
  • Internship opportunities for College students
  • Advocacy, Downtown bike community integration, anything else we can be a part of
  • Collecting Kids bikes, fixing them, and giving them out to different youth organizations
  • Recycling bikes that would otherwise go to the dump


So You need a bike? We agree! Often a bicycle is a bridge to employment, community involvement, and physical health. Unfortunately bikes cost money, and they should. A bicycle is a very complicated invention, heck it's about 20 little inventions all put together into a well built machine. Anyway back to the money thing, first thing you need to know is, whether the bike cost you money or not, it definitely costs us money, so if you have any budget for a bike we ask that you purchase a bike rather than sign off to earn one. Our program is originally meant for the unemployed and the homeless, to aid them in their struggles, and we ask that no one abuse this program just to save a few bucks! 


  • We take in your info and you get put on our waiting list. (The wait is rarely more than 2 weeks)

  • You come in and work 8 - 20 hours depending on how nice of a bike you want.
  • You complete your hours and ride off into the sunset. Congrats!

Things to know

  • Only our low end bikes are available for EAB, so don't go trying to get a fancy one. Again this program is only to aid those in desperate situations not hook you up at our expense.

  • We do partial EAB's if someone already has a bike and just wants to fix it. we're talking 3 - 6 hours
  • Most of the work we have to do at the shop is skilled labor, this makes it very difficult for us to have someone come in and work without any mechanical knowledge. It would actually be easier for us just give a bike instead of investing our time and energy into a Earner but we have this program built to filter out individuals who would try and get a bike only to sell. When you work for it you learn to love it, and we get to build a relationship with you! So understand that every part of this is our gift and it takes time to find constant work for this program.
  • Lastly, Everyone who comes into our shop becomes family, we are very relational and this we won't compromise. So be prepared to be our friend, and we plan to see you even more after you get your bike because then you can ride with us!! 
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