Kathryn Doornbos

Executive Director

After 2 years of volunteer grant writing, and finishing up for PHD at UAB, Kathryn took on the reins of ED. She's one of the smartest, most capable woman we've ever met and having her as Mama Bear over the shop means everything!

Ryan Taylor

Shop Manager

Ryan came around in the early days when RC was barely making it and gave his all, in 2014 Ryan became the First full time employee and has held seniority reins to this day. One of the kindest people you'll meet, Ryan is there at the front desk every day serving Birmingham.

Furman Baker

Head Mechanic

Furman has been working on bikes since he was 15, and it shows! When he first started volunteering back in April 2015 we immediately started dreaming of hiring him. He's been here full time since June 2015, and we are both proud and confident in saying we now have one of the most skilled mechanics in town.

Erica McGrath

Mechanic, Volunteer Coordinator

Possibly the best female bike mechanic in Alabama if not the world, if Erica's not slaying on bikes she's coordinating our volunteers and events throughout the year. She can also craft almost anything and makes the most killer Kombucha!

Taylor Fugate

Mechanic / Sales

Taylor, our most recent employee, joined the team Spring of 2017 after years of volunteering. Known for his quirky personality and his extra wide handlebars, if Taylor's not selling you a bike, he's fixing on one.





Former president of RC's board of directors, and the most amazing man you will ever meet! Mark has been the most consistent RC volunteer for 4 years running! Always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone at anytime. We call him Uncle Mark around here.  



2014-04-24 11.55.05.jpg


When she was just 16 Madeleine began volunteering at RC, and worked in the shop for an entire year for free. She served as our head mechanic, and we honestly never would have made it without her. These days you can still find her wrenching on bikes and pursuing her passion for non-profits and serving the community as an Americorps Vista.



Nic was a huge asset for Redemptive back in 2014-2015. Volunteering a great deal, he set the trend for RC's brand with his excellent style and skill as a graphic designer. He is greatly missed in that capacity, but his presence is still felt to this day.

2014-03-08 13.23.46.jpg


Paulo set the tone for all volunteers to follow, even earning the name of Saint Paulo! Back in the fall of 2013 Paulo made his way to RC and immediately started volunteering, pulling some crazy long hours over the winter on top of his full-time Americorps position. He gave his heart and soul to Redemptive Cycles, and inspired many more who followed in his footsteps to do the same. He moved to Chicago back in 2014 to become a doctor...gone but never forgotten.



Volunteering back in the Spring Summer and Fall of 2014, specifically in mechanics, Carson was one of the most giving individuals ever associated with Redemptive. Incredibly shy, amazingly kind, and wonderful to be around, one of RC's finest no doubt!

2014-03-08 14.57.31.jpg


A crazy character, but awesome guy, Brooke started volunteering way back in August of 2013, and for 3 years remained a faithful weekly volunteer and great friend. He's not seen at RC as much these days, but he'll always be remembered as an RC legend.


Deciding to spend a summer of service between his freshman and sophomore years at Auburn, and just in time to meet the summer swell of 2017, Joshua Johnston showed up and started working as a full time volunteer. In less than 3 months Josh logged 500 hours as volunteer mechanic - incredible!  



JP's work ethic, kindness, and love for the shop were truly a blessing back in 2016. He worked in an array of capacities, excelling at graphic design and social media, but always gave his all no matter the job. His presence around the shop is greatly missed.