We agree! Often a bicycle is a bridge to employment, community involvement, and physical health. Unfortunately, bikes can cost a lot of money, and they should! A bicycle is a very complicated and incredible invention - heck it's about 20 little inventions all put together into one well-built machine. Whether the bike costs you money or not, it definitely costs us money, so if you have any budget for a bike we ask that you purchase a bike rather than sign up to earn one. Our program was originally meant for the unemployed and the homeless, to aid them in their struggles, and we ask that no one abuse this program just to save a few bucks! 

Earn-a-Bike Guidelines

  • Thanks to our amazing volunteers and devoted staff, we don't have too much need for unskilled labor around the shop nowadays, so we have decided to partner with several other non-profits around town who could really use the help more than we can!
  • You can now go directly to any of our partners listed below and ask them to volunteer in order to receive an Earn-A-Bike voucher. 
  • Once you have received your voucher for your volunteer hours, head on over to Redemptive and we'll get you signed up!
  •  We take in your info and you get put on our waiting list. (The wait is rarely more than 2 weeks)
  • Then, you come in and help us out for about 4 hours while you learn how to maintain your bike. 
  • Once you complete your hours you can ride off into the sunset on those new wheels. Congrats!

Things to know

  • Only our low end bikes are available for the EAB program, so don't go trying to get a fancy one. Again, this program is only to aid those in desperate situations, not to hook you up at our expense.
  • Everyone who comes into our shop becomes family. We are very relational and we won't compromise on this! So be prepared to be our friend, and we plan to see you even more after you get your bike because then you can ride with us!

Partner Programs


Alabama Environmental Council (AEC) Communality Recycling and Resource Center 

Location: 4330 1st Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35222

Hours of operation: Mon-Fri: 7-6, Sat-Sun: 10-4.

Typical work: organizing, cleaning, recycling

Restrictions: Volunteer by appointment only, only ages 18+

Contact: Redemptive Cycles (205)224-5631 to schedule a volunteer shift



Jones Valley Teaching Farm (JVTF)

Location: 701 25th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Hours of Operation: Tuesday and Friday 9-12 and 2-5

Typical work: gardening, cleaning

Contact: JVTF at (205) 439-7213 or Redemptive Cycles at (205)224-5631



Urban Ministries and Community Church without Walls

Location: 1229 Cotton Ave SW, Birmingham, AL 35211

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri: 9-4

Typical work: Gardening, community improvement, food service

Contact: Garrett Harper (205) 441-8618 or Redemptive Cycles (205)224-5631



The Community Kitchens of Birmingham   


Community Kitchens at Grace Episcopal Church, 5712 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35212

Community Kitchens at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 1024 12th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205    

Hours of Operation: 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Typical work: food service, cleaning,

Contact:  Andrea Blackert (205) 251-3569



The Jimmie Hale Mission

Location: 3420 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35222

Hours of Operation:  Mon.-Fri.  8:30-4:00

Typical work: provide meals

Contact: Terry Preston at or (205) 323-5878



Brother Bryan Mission

Location: 1616 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Typical work: cleaning, general help

Contact: (205) 322-0092

Restrictions: Call before you arrive to make a volunteer appointment



 Fellowship House Inc.

Location: 1625 12th Ave. S, Birmingham, AL 35205

Typical work: general help

Contact: Ferson Stafford (706) 380-2399

*fulfill court ordered volunteer hours



Firehouse Shelter

Location: 1501 3rd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203

Typical work: general help, food service, bible study

Contact: Rob Davis (205) 252-9571