When we first started our EAB program we realized some guys on the streets already have bikes, they just don't have the funds to get it fixed. So we wanted to make that available, no matter what!

With Sliding Scale Repairs we offer the low income anywhere from 25% to 100% off their repairs. This is based upon an honor code, you just tell us what you can pay and leave the rest to us! 

To take advantage of this pay what you can bike repair service, come on in with your bike and we will walk you through the program. Fill out a short form and we'll get you fixed up!

Redemptive Cycles serviced over $20,000 worth of free bicycle repairs last year to over 500 people that claimed partial or full cover! This is currently covered by our public fundraising efforts throughout the year. We are currently seeking a foundation or grant to fund this large expense so if you or someone you know has a lead, let us know!