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Redemptive Cycles opened in July 2013, and since then we have operated as a nonprofit organization, receiving our 501c3 status in September 2014. Our shop looks and operates mostly like a normal bike shop. We have sold both new and old bikes, parts and accessories and we offer full service repairs. Redemptive Cycles is unique because of the variety of nonprofit services we offer to Birmingham cyclists.

Our programs include the Earn-a-Bike and Sliding-Scale Repair Programs, free monthly mechanics classes and a free public workstation. We also offer volunteer opportunities and a community of cyclists eager to help one another. Shop revenue allows us to give bikes and repairs away while also keeping our doors open.

However, used bike sales and discounted repairs are not enough. We need our community's support when shop revenue falls short of the bottom line. Redemptive Cycles relies heavily on volunteer labor. Without the resources to pay a full staff, we look to our awesome and dedicated volunteers to provide much of the labor necessary to keep the bike shop running at full steam. Volunteers are integral to Redemptive Cycles’ continued success.

We also rely on our community to provide the majority of our used bike and part offerings. Bike donations are our bread and butter. They provide us with a well stocked, affordably priced used bike selection, as well as a supply of bikes to utilize through the Earn-A-Bike program. Without frequent bike donations we would struggle to maintain a good used bike selection or to provide services to those without access to transportation.

When our other methods of sustainability fall short, we look to our community for support through monetary donations. When revenue from the bike shop isn't enough, we ask the community to help make up the difference. Our annual fundraiser and individual donations enable us to continue offering bicycle-related services to Birmingham, and in the future, with the help of grants, we hope to further expand our outreach.

Combining the bike shop and nonprofit is the most efficient way to help those in need of bike services. Revenue from the shop goes directly towards sustaining our charitable services, and because things like rent and utilities are shared with Faith Skate, the nonprofit costs only a fraction of what it would otherwise take to operate.

Meet Our Staff

Brian Gosdin

Executive Director

Erica McGrath

Event and Volunteer Manager

Erica is the best female bike mechanic in Alabama, if not the world. She's also the volunteer coordinator so reach out with questions! When Erica is not at the shop, you will find her riding, camping, or being all-around awesome.

Daniel Demaree

Shop Manager

D runs the front of house operations at Redemptive Cycles. He’s always up front and ready to offer service suggestions and quick repairs. A commuter and all-road cyclist, D loves exploring the streets and alleys of Birmingham.

Taylor Fugate

Head Mechanic

Taylor joined the team Spring of 2017 after years of volunteering, and is one of our all-star mechanics at Redemptive. Known for his wide bars and flashy bikes, Taylor is easy to spot at the Thursday night Trample.

Ben Griner


Ryan Taylor


Marcus Fetch


Volunteer Hall of Fame


Former president of RC's board of directors, and the most amazing man you will ever meet! Mark has been the most consistent RC volunteer for 4 years running! Always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone at anytime. We call him Uncle Mark around here.


A crazy character and awesome guy, Brooke started volunteering back in August of 2013. For 3 years he remained a weekly volunteer and great friend. He's not seen around the shop as much these days, but he'll always be remembered as an RC legend.

Carson Taylor

Volunteering as a mechanic back in 2014, Carson is one of the most giving individuals ever associated with Redemptive Cycles. Carson was Incredibly shy, amazingly kind, and wonderful to be around! He is one of RC's finest no doubt!

Joshua Johnston

Joshua spent his 2017 summer break from Auburn University as a volunteer mechanic. From day one, Joshua showed up and started working full time. In less than 3 months he logged 500 hours as volunteer mechanic - incredible!


JP's work ethic, kindness, and love for the shop were truly a blessing back in 2016. He worked in an array of capacities, excelling at graphic design and social media. JP always gave his all no matter the job and his presence around the shop is greatly missed.


Paulo started volunteering in 2013 and quickly set the tone for all volunteers to follow, earning the nickname 'St. Paulo.' He gave his heart and soul to RC and inspires others who follow in his footsteps. Paulo has since moved to Chicago to become a doctor.


Nic was a huge asset for Redemptive back in 2014-2015. Volunteering a great deal, he set the trend for RC's brand with his excellent style and skill as a graphic designer. He is greatly missed in that capacity, but his presence is still felt to this day.


Madeleine began volunteering at RC when she was just 16. She served as our head mechanic and kept us afloat when times were tough. These days you can find her wrenching on bikes and pursuing her passion for non-profits as an Americorps Vista.

Board of Directors

Ryan Davis


Greg Smith

Board Member

Tom Robertshaw

Board Member

Danny Feldman

Board Member

Emily Carlton

Board Member

John Little


Matt Reeves


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