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We pride ourselves on being an organization ran by our community, for our community, and we depend on our volunteers to support our mission. Plus, we honor our volunteers with special events, free merch, and in store discounts.

If you're interested in volunteering, fill out this form or come by the shop. You can also join our Redemptive Volunteer Facebook Group to hear about specific requests.If you have any further questions call or e-mail our Volunteer Coordinator Erica (

Give a Bike

Pass down your old bike

The Low Down

Got an old bike or accessories collecting dust in your garage? We accept donations of new and used bicycles, parts and gear in any condition. These donations enable us to serve the local Birmingham community directly through our Earn-A-Bike and Sliding Scale Repair Programs as well as raising funds to cover operating expenses through our retail shop.

Our Process

All donated bikes are refurbished and then repurposed in one of four ways:

Refurbished and Sold in our Retail Shop
This is our primary source of overhead support and helps us keep the lights on and pay our people.

Refurbished and Distributed Through our Earn-A-Bike program
This program rewards those in need by exchanging a bicycle for their donation of community service towards Birmingham nonprofits and Redemptive Cycles.

Gifted to Local Children
Those whose parents express financial need can receive a free bike.

Recycle and Repurpose it
In the rare instance that a bike has fatal flaws, we strip every working piece off and recycle the rest!

All donations can be dropped off at the shop anytime we are open. Pickups are available on a case by case basis. Call the shop for more information and to schedule a pickup.

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Host a Bike Drive

Give back to your community

Organizing Your Drive

Our advice to make your Bike Drive go as smoothly as possible:

Plan the Event
Start small with a weekend collection in the spring or summer when the weather is good and people are cleaning out their homes. We recommend basing collections around schools, businesses, places of worship or community centers.

Get the Word Out
Create simple flyers, spread the word on Facebook, or send emails to friends and family. Tell people about Bike Drive and explain what a bicycle donation can do for the community. We are happy to provide you with talking points and a handout in digital and paper form.

Accept Donations
Redemptive Cycles accepts all bicycles, bike parts and bike gear, regardless of condition. All donations are tax-deductible and we will provide you with tax donation receipts for your event.

Transport Bikes
Leave this to us. We will send at least one person out to be with you during the event. As things wrap up we will have more volunteers load up and haul the bikes to our shop!

Ride Support

Give us a hand

We help organize group rides by helping design routes and having the Cork Team keep everyone together and safe.  

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