Our Earn-A-Bike program provides and services bikes for mission residents and the homeless.


Need a bike? Often a bicycle is a bridge to employment, community involvement and physical health. Unfortunately, bikes can cost a lot of money. Our goal for the Earn-A-Bike program is to provide those in our community who do not have the means to purchase a bike, with a bike of their own.

Earn-A-Bike Guidelines

Thanks to our amazing volunteers and devoted staff, we don't have too much need for unskilled labor around the shop nowadays, so we have decided to partner with several other nonprofits around town who could really use the help more than we can!

You can now go directly to any of our partners listed below and ask them to volunteer in order to receive an Earn-A-Bike voucher.

  • Once you have received your voucher for your volunteer hours, head on over to Redemptive Cycles and we'll get you signed up!
  • We take your info and add you to our waiting list. (The wait is rarely more than two weeks)
  • Then, you come in and help us out for about four hours while you learn how to maintain your bike.
  • Once you complete your hours you can ride off into the sunset on those new wheels. Congrats!

Our Partners

Jones Valley Teaching Farm

Urban Ministries and Community Church without Walls

The Community Kitchens of Birmingham

The Jimmie Hale Mission

Brother Bryan Mission

Fellowship House Inc.

Firehouse Shelter

If you are interested in becoming a community partner, email us or stop by the shop!


Thanks to UAB's One Great Community Project, Redemptive Cycles' Earn-A-Bike program was awarded the Community Health Innovation Award. This award provided the necessary funds for 70 bikes for our program in 2016. We are very fortunate that with the help of the greater Birmingham community we were able to serve 103 individuals (and counting) through the Earn-A-Bike program.

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