Public Workstation

Bike repairs can be expensive and require many tools. Not to worry, we have your back with our public workstation.

How it Works

The Public Workstation is a fully equipped work area that is open to the public that offers the following:

  • All of the tools you could need to fix your bike.
  • Your own bicycle repair stand to get your bike lifted
  • Free chain lube, chemicals and cleaning supplies
  • Our mechanics and volunteers on hand to ask for advice
  • Cost: only $5 an hour with the first 10 minutes free, so if you're just trying to fix a flat, don't worry, we got you.

Free use of the Public Workstation is just one of the things we offer to our members. Check out becoming a member today! Go to the Support page to learn more.

PWS Rules

  1. Make sure to sign in
  2. $5 per hour (members free)
  3. Feel free to ask for help, but don't expect someone else to do the work
  4. Be respectful of our tools and put them back in the right place
  5. Don't hurt anybody
  6. Learn new things and enjoy yourself
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