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Come Work on Your Bike for Free at Our New Public Work Statation

It’s been amazing to watch people become inspired by our mission at Redemptive Cycles. Our community of customers, friends and volunteers has grown very quickly and we recently decided to expand our work area. With the help of our many volunteers, over the weekend we built a second floor above the workshop, greatly expanding our work space. We would love for you to come check it out and hang with us upstairs!

But we are not only a business: we are people who truly care for those who walk in our door, either to buy a bike or simply to share a conversation and maybe a ride. As a nonprofit our biggest focus is on the community and helping to grow Birmingham’s bike culture. That’s why we are now offering a free to use public work station – a bike stand with all the tools for anyone to come and use during normal business hours.

Normally nonprofits will wait until the funds are raised to complete community service projects, but we just couldn’t wait! We created this full time public work space to give everyone in Birmingham a place to work on their bike totally free of charge. To do this we tapped into our own credit line. If you or anyone you know can donate to help pay off our debt please let us know.

Chutes & Ladders Alley Cat

We're pumped to announce our first ever Alley Cat Race!! 

If you’re unfamiliar with an Alley Cat race you definitely don’t want to miss this. Alley Cat races are an informal affair, and though some will be competing, it’s not all about who’s the fastest. Knowledge of the streets of our City of Magic will come in handy.

The theme will be based on the Chutes and Ladders board game so be prepared, there will be some climbing involved. There will be five check points located at various high places around town, and prior to the race no one but the race organizers will know the route which will total around 6 miles. Registration is at 6:00pm // Race starts at 6:30pm

There will be an after party in the back alley so if you're racing or not, you still want to come for this!

We need a portable storage solution for our free kids bikes

At redemptive cycles we don't believe in charging for kids bikes, so we give them away! We recently lost our storage space for our kids bike pile, and because space is very limited in our shop we've been forced to keep them in our back alleyway. Despite the ongoing need for a storage unit the bikes have not been stolen and in the past few weeks we've been able to send home six happy kids on free bikes. If you can help in any way or know where we can get a free portable storage unit please let us know.



We have new Neighbors. Faith Skate just moved next door to us! Which means a ton of cross promotioning is going to happen. One of the first things we are kicking off is what we are calling a Thursday Night Throwdown. After our Trample rides we are going to be having a big hangout sesh behind the shop in the alley. Faith is already working on getting some ramps and a half pipe out back and we have the new speakers hooked up and boomin. Keeps your watch on big stuff to come.

Some fun things we've done this week

Hey Guys, 

Your weekly updateis coming at ya.

1# We got on TV last weekend!. Absolutly Alabama did a segment on us and they killed it, we are super stoked. Follow this link to check it out!

#2 DownTownTrample - Our weekly group ride

If you've been missing this you need to get on it. Every Thursday night we close up the shop and head out riding, always includes picking up some drinks and picnicing at a park halfway through. Here's a pic from last nights sesh. Thursdays//6:30pm//@theshop


Boom! Tonight is the night folks, were starting back up our weekly rides every thursday night at 6pm. This ride is casual, are all welcome, no one left behind; but we are going to hit it a little bit so come out with some good legs, bring your friends, bring whatever you want.  

Marcus likes to drink wine while we ride but he's a little wacko. Anyway the main point is all are welcome, you can come anyway you like, were going to hang out and ride and explore urban district, maybe climb a few parking lot decks, possibly grab dinner or stop at a park, this ride is about being wild, having fun, and being together on bikes! 


Hey Guys, quik heads up, our phone is down right now thanks to the terrible AT&T Service. We are switching providers so hopefully we will be back up ASAP. If you need to contact us for any reason, Facebook is the easiest, ill be connected to email all day aswell tho. And if you have a repair and recieve a call from a strange number it might be one of our cell phones so dont be spooked lol. Still open 10am - 6pm tues - saturday so come in! <3